What's next? No putting on make-up while driving? No spilling a big beef taco on your lap while driving? This sort of thing may fly up on Canadee-i-o, but here in America we have laws, and those laws say we can twirl our scroll wheels until we crash into a ditch and flip our SUV.

While this "article" actually sounds like someone making something up, apparently Canada the Canadian AAA is trying to pass legislation against DWI (Driving While iPodding). I probably won't happen, but it will make for some great news affliate coverage ("Some people say that iPods are harmless fun, but our neighbors to the North think they're weapons of mass terror. More after the break.")


UPDATE - A reader writes:

About your article "No iPods While Driving says Canada" The original article states that "Canadian Automobile Association is urging all provinces to ban their use in cars.". CAA isn't a branch of the government, they aren't even a lobbyist group. Its a tow truck company, they offer yearly memberships for roadside assistance. Slightly less interesting story. But might as well help you get it right where I can. ^_^

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