No power in the 'Verse can stop this River Tam statue!

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Check out this amazing animated River Tam maquette, going up for sale tomorrow from Quantum Mechanix, makers of our favorite Firefly scwhag. Pile of Reaver corpses sold separately.


Quantum Mechanix describes their statue, which goes on sale tomorrow at 10 AM PST:

River is captured in the midst of battle with the Reavers, her pose showing a dancer's grace while her expression (and a copious spattering of her enemy's blood) shows she means business. Great pains were taken to study both River's prop sword and axe as well as her dress and boots, all of which are recreated in precise detail.

Given how many polls River's won round these parts, I have a feeling this will be a popular item. She goes for $69.95, and it's a limited edition of 1,500 that will ship in late August. More details at the link. [Quantum Mechanix]


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Is Firefly coming back as a cartoon? Cause that's what this statue looks like it's from. A wicked cartoon that I would totally watch, but a cartoon none the less. I guess we'll have to wait for the Cameron statue to get an accurately awesome Summer Glau.