No Time to Sew? A Clip-On Button Is the Perfect Temporary Fix

Just because your collared shirt came with a couple of spare buttons hanging off a tag doesn't mean you always have time to sew a replacement back on when the need arises. So an emergency replacement button that temporarily clips onto your shirt like a paperclip so you can quickly do it back up needs to exist—and, like, yesterday.


The Clip Button doesn't provide a permanent solution to a lost button, but it would help ensure you're not stuck at work with a gaping hole in the front of your shirt until you can get home and sew a new one back on.

And while Yeon Hee Jung and Kyung Soo Kim's creation doesn't actually exist yet, hopefully the designers will be able to come up with a universal version that works with any button so they don't have to convince clothing manufacturers to adopt the new design, and could just sell it themselves. Because there's an entire world of dress shirt-wearing drones that would buy these up by the thousands. [Yanko Design via Inventor Spot]

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