No Visit to Rome Will Ever Be as Spectacular as This Hyperlapse Race Through the City

GIF: YouTube

Before you decide to travel to an exotic locale, you now have to stop and ask yourself if it’s worth dealing with a terrible airline to get there. The answer, obviously, is no. But you have no reason to be upset about not seeing Rome, at least, thanks to this amazing hyperlapse video.


Shot over six days using a small arsenal of cameras, Kirill Neiezhmakov spent weeks stitching all the footage together to create this high-speed tour. You won’t walk away with a belly full of delicious, delicious pasta any afterwards, but in just under three minutes it’s the best way to see the ancient city without using up any vacation days.

[YouTube via DPReview]

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I enjoyed the video. Well done. Rome is definitely a must-see. What struck me the most was just how old many of these amazing structures were, the Colosseum in particular.