Nokia 5800 XpressMusic To Come Stateside On Feb. 26 For $399?

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So says the folks over at Nokia Blog. FCC filings we've seen pretty much confirm that a 5800 "Tube" with US 3G banding is heading for the states, albeit in unlocked form.

Nokia's first all-touch Symbian phone underwhelmed us when we first saw it back in October of last year, which is why its initial rollout happened in Europe (where it sells for $350, natch). The $399 here is unsubsidized, and carriers here don't exactly have a reputation for picking up medium- to high-end Nokia phones.


We asked Nokia for confirmation, and they were mum, but if you just need to touch a Symbian phone and can't wait for the N97, keep your eyes peeled anyway for the 5800 one later this month, if the rumors are to be believed. [Nokia Blog]

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As much as I like S60, the interface and phones coming out are getting tired. I hate to admit it but I want either an iPhone or a Blackberry. Seems all the best apps are coming out for either platform, even though I think S60 has better hardware to run on.