Nokia 6120 Makes HSDPA Thin

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Nokia's newest candybar Series 60 phone brings combines two things that people enjoy: HSDPA and thinness. At only 15mm (0.59 inches) thick, it's not quite the thinnest HSDPA (that's the Samsung Z720 at 13.8mm) but it's pretty darn close.


Other features are the front video camera for calling, a 2-megapixel camera on the back, Bluetooth 2.0, MicroSD slot and a 2-inch screen. That video calling will be cool if Cingular and/or T-Mobile ever get around to allowing it.

Press Release [Nokia via Ring Nokia]



Please - stop with the constant demands for video calling in the US. We've had it for years over here (UK) and literally NO ONE - that's NO ONE AT ALL - uses it. And why would you? What's the point - to pick up on the unique nuances in the human face (ho ho), or see the kids in all their pixillated pointless glory?

Give it up - it's rubbish tech and a total non-starter. Personally I'd rather phone companies stopped putting lenses on the front of my phone.