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Press releases love to talk all sorts of crap about how their product will enable you to engage in a multimedia lifestyle, but Nokia's Lifeblog 2.0 application for their N phone series, launched at CeBIT yesterday, is software that a) actually does that and b) can make you radically rethink the way you relate to the media and data you create.

Lifeblog creates a personal multimedia diary for you out of the photos, text and audio notes you take, the text and mms messages you send and receive, and your calendar entries, letting you browse through all these things in the context that they were created. It also lets you upload media to compatibly blogging services like Six Apart's Typepad. Available as a phone application as well as a PC app, it's a free download from Nokia's site; you can use the PC software with a non-N series Nokia phone. Alas, no Lifeblog for the Mac yet, although they've been talking about it since the first version was in beta.


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