Nokia Begins Testing its New N-Gage Experience

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If you've been sitting at the edge of your seat since we announced the second coming of the N-Gage, your day has come. That is, if you live in Finland. Starting today and lasting through mid 2007, Nokia is giving its new "N-Gage experience" a test run along with the help of Finnish cell provider, Elisa. Unfortunately, there won't be any side-talking this time around as Nokia already said they're not re-launching the N-Gage phone, but instead working on the platform of games which will play across most N-Series phones.


Press Release [via Xataka Movil]



Been waitin for a while Nokia. The N93 and some of the other N-series are already capable of playing the next gen games but my bet is that they're workin on some glitches with the online "Arena" feature before the major launch date (which is this year Q3.