It's Official: N-Gage Software Returns In September

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

As we suspected last week, Nokia has confirmed on its official blog the second coming of the N-Gage mobile gaming platform, and now the company says we'll be seeing the first games for the N-Gage v2 platform arriving this September.


Of course, the games and their N-Gage v2 software platform will be embedded in Nokia Series 60 smartphones, not in the form of the much-maligned "taco phone" pictured above. Nokia expects this to be a big deal, predicting that the hottest mobile games will be on the N-Gage v2 platform by early 2008. Somehow, we're having trouble getting excited about this.

N-Gage v2 to launch in September [Mobile Entertainment]



From the comments I can already see few people actually know what they are commenting on here. Yes, yes, side-talking was a failed experiment of Nokia, so failed that they pulled a 2nd side-talker (7700) off the development track moments before it was to go into real production, to retool is as the 7710 touch-screen phone. Side-talking is now over and done with, you can let it go now. The hardware

The N-Gage gaming platform and games was actually very credible and a lot of fun at the time. It is networked from the ground up, in fact Nokia ended up buying SEGAs global networked gaming platform and renamed it N-Gage Arena so gamers could enter global high-scores and enter duels with players from around the world. Networked Bluetooth gaming had been possible and implemented in one of the first games that went out for the system.