Nokia Develops Eyes-Free Touchscreen Controls

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Nokia has invented a way to let you use a touchscreen on a cellphone or mobile device without looking at it. It's done with this special lid that has a slot in it with slightly raised places on it that you can use as a guide. Working with the software on the screen underneath, certain spots of that slot coincide with various functions on the touchscreen, giving you eyes-free control of that user interface. Notice in the picture there's also a version of the idea with a "rotator lid," apparently with click stops to guide your fingers to certain locations on the touchscreen. These are some great ideas for those who insist on driving while dialing. [US Patent and Trademark Office, via Unwired View]

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bah... this has been used in assistive technology touch screen devices for a VERY long time... prentke romich company makes alternative augmentative communication (AAC) devices that i know many people who use the devices, people with lower vision have these keyguards on them that do exactly what this does... so this patent is a NO FLY