Nokia E62 Hits U.S. On September 29

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For some odd reason, the Canadians have had the Nokia E62 for about week, but only now (well, in a few weeks) are we Americans getting the smartphone. Say thank you to Cingular Wireless for letting us get our hands on this EDGE-capable, Push e-mail-ready businessman's new best friend. The E62 sports a 2.8-inch widescreen display that displays 16 million colors! 16 million, people!

The E62 comes with a paltry 90MB of built-in memory, but its miniSD slot should negate that limitation. It's also pre-loaded with plenty of bloatware that junior execs love so much, like dozens of apps that accomplish the same task (how many IM programs do you really need?).


Look for the Nokia E62 on or around September 29 for "as low as" $149 if you sign a new contract.

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