Nokia Gussies Up L-Amour Collection: Purdy Phashion Phones, Not Much New

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Nokia released three "fashion phones" today, adding to what it lovingly calls the L'Amour Collection, and we're squinting pretty hard to find something in these three handsets that's more than just style over substance. The 7360 (pictured at left) we've seen before, but it has new styling, with inlaid leather, metal and transparent surfaces. It's available in the chrome and black style you see here, or in a girly pink. Yep, it's essentially the same triband GSM/GPRS budget model (EUR 200) that was released last October with a 128x160 display, so nice dress-up there, Nokia.

A bit more interesting is the Nokia 7390 (the two pictured above in the middle), a clamshell 3G handset with a rather impressive 3-megapixel camera and WCDMA high-speed connectivity. There's a bronze black version and a powder pink model, too. It'll run you a little more, around EUR 450.

Then there's the Nokia 7373 swivel phone, which has what the company calls "ethnic patterns" scribbled on both sides, and its claim to fame is its 2-megapixel camera. Nokia didn't announce when these baubles for those who would rather look good than feel good would be available stateside.


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