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Nokia was looking at some of its numbers when somebody noticed that the popularity of classical music ringtones was pretty high, second most popular. So did they shrug this inane newes off with amused sighs and feeble "that's neat"s? Not at all. They went out and hired a whole 55-piece orchestra to whip up 25 more. Overkill maybe?


The orchestra was commissioned to perform and record 25 original 'miniatures' composed by Nokia's in-house 'sound designers'. Hopefully for all of us those aren't the same sound designers that were behind Nokia's god-awful dubstep ringtone remix. Some of the recordings are already rolling out to Lumia 820s and 920s, with some being saved for upcoming phones. All things considered, if this is what the people want, you can't fault Nokia for trying to give it to them, but it kind of makes you wonder, right? I mean, what have they got in store for the number one ,ost popular ringtone type? [The Telegraph]


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