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Along with the brand new touch N97, Nokia also unveiled new software at its Nokia World show in Spain today—bringing a free new version of Maps and updated email/IM services.


The new Maps 3.0 Beta adds 3D topography and landmarks for 216 cities, high-res satellite photos, improved pedestrian directions and better turn-by-turn support. You can also plan a route online via Nokia's desktop Ovi service and then sync it immediately back to your phone. Anyone using S60 FP2 can download the new Maps beta today—Nokia's acquisition of Navteq is definitely showing its benefits here.


The new Messaging upgrade ties in all of your email and IM accounts, providing push services for some accounts and more syncing via Ovi if you have a 1GB Ovi Mail account. Messaging with Ovi sync will launch later this month.

So if you're using a Nokia S60 piece, go grab these updates. [Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta, Nokia Messaging]

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