Nokia N800 Reviewed, Best Internet Tablet Out There

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Nokia's Internet tablets haven't gotten much fanfare in the past, but according to the folks at Mobile Crunch, their latest silver slab deserves every bit of your attention. Looks-wise, the $399 N800 is sexier and more polished than its predecessor, the blocky 770. Everything from its symmetrical distribution of buttons to its "instant-on" start up make you wanna cradle one in your hands.

The 4.1-inch display is great, thanks to its 800 x 480 resolution and unlike the 770 which choked on certain websites...


the N800 is capable of feeding your MySpace addiction with no troubles, thanks to its speedier CPU. Battery life is respectable at 5 to 6 hours, but where it could use improvement is with its selection of apps. The N800 lacks some sort of Office suite. Pre-formatted movies that support the device's screen/resolution would also be a welcome addition. Otherwise, the N800 is a clear winner.

Product Page [via MobileCrunch]

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I'm surprised to see this get by the Giz without any mention of its competition with the iPhone. Outside of the cellphone support, this seems to carry almost every feature of the iPhone. And while it is a couple hundred less without having to "sell your soul," it'll most likely keep the same niche market of amateur developers while the iPhone grabs everybody in the country who has an extra $600 in their pocket.

I think this is a beautiful product, but it's coming out a year late. If Nokia had updated the N770 last year with this model instead of a software upgrade they could've captured a bigger piece of the market before Apple was poised to steal it from them.