Nokia N95 Firmware Update

Nokia's flagship N95 gets a firmware update, numbered, that improves speed, imaging, and more:

Symbian Freak has the details, including wildly improved photographs, while Mobile Mentalism boils the improvements down to a easy to read list.

Improvements include:

# Video stabilization improvements

# Exposure improved

# Video sharpness and noise improved

# Improvements in images visibility in browser

# General stability improvements for browser

# Refreshing web page functionality improvements

# WLAN stability improvements

# Stability improvements to BT connectivity

# USB stability improvements

# General stability improvements

# Maps stability improvements

# Barcode reader icon changed


Instructions on how to update the phone (for all 100 or so of you that are actually lucky enough to own it) over at Symbian Freak and Mobile Mentalism.

N95 Firmware Updated [Symbian Freak via Mobile Mentalism]

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