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Nokia N99 Pic Leaks, Looks Like a Powerhouse

Illustration for article titled Nokia N99 Pic Leaks, Looks Like a Powerhouse

Look what we found in our inbox this morning: an alleged mockup of the Nokia N99 cellphone, leaking out from the woodwork and showing us that Nokia also might be sniffing around the slide-out QWERTY keyboard form factor. Something tells us we won't be seeing this one on the streets for a while, though.


That looks like a nine-way joystick button up front, and it supposedly has a 16:9 3.2-inch widescreen along with GPS capabilities, and plays back MP3, DivX, XviD, MPEG and AVI files. Add to that Wi-Fi, an 8-megapixel camera and 30FPS video capture using 3CCDs. Quite a feature list. No wonder they're calling it a multimedia computer.

Nokia N99 [Unwired View]

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Corrupted Data

It goes against corporate doctrine to actually give the consumer everything they could need in a device. This veritable buffet of features seems HIGHLY unlikely. Even if it had all that, they would still narrow marketshare by making it $1200 or some lame shit (ala the iPhone).

Ps. I'm so sick of hearing about Wifi in all its bastardized glory. EX: "Wifi! (But only in this room." "Wifi, but..," "Wifi, but..." goddamnit!