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Nokia NFC: Imagine the Possibilities of Near-Field Communication

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This video shot at CES last week is a bit shaky, but it shows you the potential of NFC—no, this doesn't involve the Bears or the Saints—this NFC is Near-Field Communication, a very short range two-way wireless connectivity protocol that can transmit small amounts of data from your cellphone to other wireless devices such as digital picture frames or credit card receivers.

Some might think this is dangerously unsecure, but we're stoked about it, ready to ditch that bulky, old-fashioned wallet full of credit cards and just use that cellphone to pay for everything via Bluetooth and harmless NFC. Are we ridin' for a fall? Hey, this technology is already being tested in New York City as you read this.


Video: Nokia NFC demo ... absolutley amazing [Ring Nokia]