Nokia Patent Gives Another Glimpse Into World's Touchy-Feely Future

Gadget patents are a strange lot. Is that dual-handed interface for an iTablet, or something else? Will my remote really Tweet someday? Probably not, but this patent from Nokia had me thinking of a touch- and, more importantly, pressure-sensitive future:


Now, touch screens are nothing new, obviously. The iPhone's an obvious example, as are the multitude of touchscreen handsets that have done their fair share of pinch zooming, screen swiping and touch typing in its wake.

Add in pressure sensitive gestures, however, and a new level of control descends on the venerable touchscreen. Again, Apple's been here before—at least with a 2007 patent—but nevertheless it's interesting to see a giant like Nokia weighing in with some ideas too (let's just hope they get their homework handed in before doomsday though, right?).


Like I said, the Apple one is going on two years old, and we haven't seen anything yet. Our expectations with these things must remain in the realm of the real and the grounded. Still, as we explained earlier, touchscreens are our future, and the added functionality provided by a pressure-sensitive screen seems an inevitability. Question is, who's going to be first to successfully drive this tech to where it really counts: Into the mainstream consumer market? [Unwired View via Engadget]

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