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Nokia: PureView Is Not a Single Specific Feature

Illustration for article titled Nokia: PureView Is Not a Single Specific Feature

After what Nokia did with its 808's insane camera, many a consumer was hoping that similar PureView technology would also feature in the impending new Lumia range. Don't hold your breath, though: as Nokia is keen to point out, PureView isn't about crazy pixel counts.


In a bid to perhaps manage expectations, Nokia's senior camera guy Damian Dinning has this morning been pointing out that PureView is a name which relates to overall camera performance—including everything from optics thorough to software—and not just the huge pixel count that was offered up in the 808.


All of which is, of course, extremely sensible and mirrors exactly what we've said before. Still, if you were waiting for a 41-megapixel camera on a new Lumia device, it looks like you're almost certainly out of luck. Chances are, though, the cameras will still be belters. [Damian Dinning via Verge]


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Makes sense. 41mpx on a smartphone is over kill. I'm fine with the rumored 8mpx.