Are These Nokia's New Lumia Windows Phones? (Updated)

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There's less than a week until Nokia's September 5th event, but this could be a look at the gorgeous new Windows Phones we're going to see.

The leaked photos come from an upstart leak outlet Twitter account called evleaks. Right now it's got a total of 10 tweets visible over the past three days, but it's proven reliable in the past.

The photos show the reported Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, the two Windows Phones leaked last week. The big takeaway is that the new leak claims the 4.5-inch 920 (pictured above, left), the top shelf model, will have Nokia's PureView camera technology. That's not a total surprise, since we'd already heard that it will hit Lumia phones "very soon" last month, but it's still good to know. AT&T is rumored to have an exclusive on the phone.


The rumored Lumia 820 (pictured right) will reportedly have the same polycarbonate body as the 920, but no PureView camera. It's apparently going to be on AT&T and T-Mobile, with a very similar phone going to Verizon shortly thereafter.

We're not far away from the event now, so we'll know soon enough. But man, an LTE PureView Windows 8 Lumia would be a pretty awesome way to jump into Windows Phone 8. [evleaks via TNW]

Update: WMPoweruser has some additional photos of an actual Lumia 820 prototype:

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2 years between major software updates for a mobile OS is unacceptable. If WP wants to be competitive, It's needs a year-to-year cadence, minimum. It also needs a high end model that can keep up hardware wise with other high end super-phones elsewhere. "We don't needz no dual corez herp derp" is a great weapon against trolls on the internet, but is less effective against makers of actual software who deal with more powerful hardware in every other ecosystem everywhere.