Nokia: PureView Camera Technology Hitting Lumia 'Very Soon'

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In an interview with Neowin, Nokia's vice president of worldwide developer relations, Richard Kerris, has explained that the company's PureView camera technology currently featured only in the 808 is coming to the Lumia range "very soon".

The PureView camera system is currently tied to Symbian, but by the sounds of things that looks set to change very soon. Though Kerris doesn't confirm exactly what the time scales are likely to be, his comments indicate that Nokia's WinPho range will be equipped with better camera technology before long.


Elsewhere in the interview, Kerris also suggested that it "won't be long" before the company's Windows Phone range makes its way to Verizon and Sprint. That suggests that Nokia is keen to increase its US market coverage—which, given the quality of the Lumia range, is no bad thing. [Neowin via PhoneArena via Verge]

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Nokia is becoming an expert in keeping people from buying their phones. "Hey, Windows 8 is coming soon and current phones won't have it!" "Hey, amazing cameras coming soon!". Wouldn't it be smarter to share this info the week before release?