Nokia Was Testing Android Lumia Phones Before Microsoft Swallowed It

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It'll never happen now but the dream of beautifully brawny Nokia hardware loaded with dominating Android software was an idea that Nokia had been toying around with before Microsoft swooped in and bought Nokia's phone business. In fact, Android-powered Lumia phones actually existed inside Nokia. You heard it right, ANDROID LUMIA PHONES.


The NY Times reports that a "team within Nokia had Android up and running on the company’s Lumia handsets" long before Microsoft and Nokia crossed any t's and dotted any i's and danced to any Finnish folk songs in celebration of being bought out. The project was confidential but Microsoft was said to be aware of Nokia's Android project.

The report doesn't actually specify if Nokia was going to move forward with its secret Android project, just that it existed. And to be honest, the fact that Nokia was running Android on Lumia phones shouldn't be too surprising given the less than successful (to date) arranged marriage of Nokia and Windows Phone. Either way, that project is certainly dead now. Oh what could have been. [NY Times]


I was reading an article and it had a great theory which this article in a way confirms. What it said was that the Ms and nokia buyout didnt happen for financial reasons. Afterall ms was getting the milk without buying the cow. Why spend billions buying it. The purchase happened because Nokia was either going bankrupt, or they were ready to abandon WP and move to Android. This would have been disastrous for windows phone and would have meant death for the OS and microsofts os ambitions. So it basically had no choice but to buy nokia.

Android really could have done wonders for nokia, and vice versa. Nokias great design, finnish sensibilities, its distribution network, and most importantly its prowess in great mid to low end phones could have meant not just amazing high end phones but great mid tier phones as well, something the android segment i think struggles with. And yes there are plenty of mid tier phones that sell, but they are all forgotten children in the race to win the high end segment and nokia could have dominated this matket.

I just imagined stock android on a 820,920, 620 and the 5 series and i think it would be a beautiful combination and a serious contender in the market. Could have given apple a run for its money. Not just in market share, but in beautiful design as well.