Nokia's Iconic Phone Typeface Sent to the Grave

Illustration for article titled Nokias Iconic Phone Typeface Sent to the Grave

There's a good chance you owned a Nokia phone at some point in your past—but even if not, the Nokia Sans typeface has become synonymous with the ubiquitous brand. Not anymore.


Hoping to distance itself from itself, Nokia's got a brand new bag—Nokia Pure, which looks sort of like the old Sans injected with Helvetica hormones. It's geared for easier small-screen readability and generally prettiness—sorely needed, as Nokia Sans was starting to look pretty fugly on smartphone displays. Will this be enough to turn Nokia's trajectory away from a black hole of design? On its own, no. But it's an okay start, if not one that makes us a briefly nostalgic for the phones we got our feet wet with. [Nokia via SlashGear]

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Can't really see much difference.