Nokia's Lumia Is Selling Well in the US—But Nowhere Else

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Nokia has just announced its first quarter financial results, and while the company's managing to shift its new Lumia range in the US, its performance elsewhere is less impressive—in fact, it suffered a $775 million dollar net loss over the period.

Nokia's US sales have "exceeded expectations", according to CEO Stephen Elop, but other markets have proved "more challenging"—despite a huge marketing campaign. In total, Nokia sold 11.9 million smart devices during the first three months of 2012, less than half of the 24.9 million it achieved in the first three months of 2011. That's largely down to a huge decline in Symbian sales, though Nokia does say that the effect has been "partially offset by growing sales of Nokia Lumia devices."

There's no breakdown of exactly how well the Lumia range is performing, but things can only get better, especially given how well the 900 has turned out. [Nokia via The Verge]