Nokia's N-Gage Cellphone Gaming Platform Is Up and Running

Illustration for article titled Nokias N-Gage Cellphone Gaming Platform Is Up and Running

The official announcement won't be until next Monday, but the N-Gage blog just let everyone know that their cellphone gaming platform went live today. If you've got an N81, N81 8GB, N82, N95 or N95 8GB, you can go download and install the service now (available on both Mac and PC). If you've got an N73, N93i and N93, you'll have to wait a bit for support. Here's our hands-on of it at Mobile World Congress. In short, it's like Xbox Live for your phone. [N-Gage Download]


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I've been waiting for this to come out but I don't plan on getting it just yet because of the dreaded software update. I checked my version (I had just upgraded a month or two ago) and I have to upgrade in order to play it... but it's really annoying to reinstall all your applications and backup your data/contacts. I mean, really, is it necessary? Couldn't they just update certain files and then restart the phone? It's like asking windows customers to do a complete reinstall from scratch when they need to have a OS update -_-