Nokia's New Bluetooth Gear Automagically Pairs With NFC-Enabled Phones

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Great. More Bluetooth audio gear. But the Nokia Play 360 speaker and Wireless Music Receiver are a bit different: they use NFC technology to automatically pair itself with NFC-enabled phones, which is pretty neat.

Nokia says all you have to do is tap your NFC phone against either device, and it will automatically pair. No fuss. The wireless speaker has a 20 hour battery life, has a 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack, and if you connect a second speaker, the sound comes at you live in steree-eree-oh. The Wireless Music Receiver plugs into speakers or a receiver via 3.5mm plug or RCA plugs, and promises to transmit CD quality sound. Both the Play 360 speaker and Wireless Music Receiver will be available in Europe this Summer for €150 and €60, respectively. [Nokia via DesignBoom via Oh Gizmo]