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Nokia's Next Windows Phone Just a Stretched Out Lumia?

Illustration for article titled Nokias Next Windows Phone Just a Stretched Out Lumia?

We adore the Lumia 800. It has that historically lovely Nokia build, and is terrifically small. Like—the size is perfect. Now it's getting a bigger brother.


PocketNow has what it claims are the Nokia Lumia "Ace" 900's full specs, headed for AT&T:

4.3-inch WVGA display, 512MB of RAM, eight-megapixel camera, and a capacious 1830mAh battery.

Although it will almost certainly be sold carrier locked, Ace — like most modern Nokia handsets — will contain the 1700MHz band necessary for T-Mobile 3G, so we imagine that a workaround to unlock that functionality will arrive with the quickness. At 160 grams, Ace weighs 18 more grams than the Lumia 800, likely due to the combination of a bigger screen and LTE radio.


On the one hand, why screw around with such a perfectly svelte phone's form? On the other, the broader display might be easier on your eyes than the 800's 3.7-incher—although it'll be the same resolution as ever, so no extra info real estate. We won't know for sure until we're holding it. [PocketNow]

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kinda hard to go back from AMOLED scree nto WVGA. It also doesn't have the storage information which baffles me. Lumia 800 had like 2 hrs of battery life so has this been improved in any way? So far it looks like HTC and Samsun still have the edge over Nokia WP at the moment.