Nokia's Touch UI Hands-On: Officially Way Behind Apple

Click to viewWhen we first saw the Nokia Symbian Touch UI over the familiar S60/Symbian OS, we were stoked. Then we found out it was not a working proto but a rendering, and we wondered how far along they really were in their touchscreen UI. Turns out, not as far as we would like.

The working prototype here is very rough. It's missing animations between picture swipes and lacks truly natural menu swiping. It also doesn't support multitouch here, but that's a matter of hardware—and this is early software, so we should be not too harsh on Symbian for updating their great OS to keep up with the Joneses. But we can conclude one thing from this demo: Despite doing a good job of building a touch UI on S60 without alienating current users, Symbian is far behind Apple in UI development, by months, if not years.


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