Nokia's Future iPhone Killing Concept Like a Fake, Vaporous Picasso

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Nokia presented some cool cells today and also slipped this concept video of a future iPhone-clone. Nokia has confirmed that this demo is strictly for the UI, not the device: the hardware is not real and the LCD's images are overlaid. Yes, it's not even a working prototype, as you will see after the jump. [Video removed at the request of owner.]

The touch-screen interface is going to be built on a Symbian 60 OS base that still retains its standard UI.


Quite frankly, it looks to us as a little bit of good old FUD to hold the market while scrambling to match the iPhone. A year is a lot of time to wait for a worthy iPhone killer and we believe that real competition always benefits all of us, the consumers. And even if it was real, I'd assume they'd run into legal trouble for infringing on Apple US Patent #12341235ASDF for "Mind Bendingly Cool Phone" and other assorted UI methods.

So come on, couldn't you have done this demo on a piece of hardware not so Apple-like? Where's your pride? [Nok Nok]

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i really don't understand why any phone with a touchscreen is an iphone ripoff. the lg prada existed before the iphone. and even at that, hundreds of phones had touchscreens before either of those. all of a sudden they get bigger and everyone is ripping off apple.

-apple wasn't the first to make a cell phone

-apple wasn't the first to have a touchscreen on their cell phone

-apple wasn't the first to make a buttonless cell phone

-apple wasn't the first to put an mp3 player on their cell phone

-apple wasnt the first to put onboard storage on a phone

yet, all of the phones that do this are now iphone ripoffs.

FUD! i rock a macbook like any other multimedia designer, but this is just NONSENSE. can we dilute the kool-aid for a bit?