Sure, you could just sit tight and wait until mega ISO camera sensors give all of our cameras flawless night vision, but what if you have a Micro Four Thirds camera right now? Then this lens will do just fine.


Noktor's HyperPrime 50mm has something I've only seen one other time in a consumer lens: an aperture diameter larger than its focal length. In performance terms, this means that the lens lets in twice as much light as an already dead-fast ƒ1.4 lens, letting you crank down your camera's ISO settings to capture a cleaner picture. In photographic terms, this means that you'll only be able to focus on a paper-thin plane, giving your photos—assuming you're focusing on something close by—an extreme depth of field effect.

The lens ships in April for $750, but given the extraordinary aperture size, reasonably high price and relatively unknown manufacturer, and full manual operation—that's right, no auto focus—it's probably best for you Micro Four Thirdsers to wait until this thing proves its prowess. [Noktor via DPReview via Wired]