Nook2Android Conversion Card Could Be the Best Way to a Cheap Tablet

Messing with boot ROMs is a painful pile of headaches that nobody wants to pick up. But it'd be nice to swap the Nook Color's software for something more versatile—say, Android 2.3. Just pop in this MicroSD card.

Once installed, the Nook2Android will let you dual boot, choosing between the default Nook Color package and full-fledged Gingerbread. This is great, because as nice as the Nook is, it's also a very tasty piece of hardware, and using it with software not pegged sharply for reading would be a treat. And if you want your Nook bac to the way it was out of the box, just pull out the card—no permanent changes, and no voided warranty.

The setup process is a little involved, but much, much easier than trying to futz around with custom ROMs on your own. A 32 GB boot card will run you $90, with an 8 GB variety costing only $35. [Nook2Android via Engadget]


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