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NoseFrida Lets You (Yes, You) Suck Snot Out of Your Child's Nose

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sweden is known for two things: supermodels and apparently, snot suckers, since this nasal aspirator has been used by "Swedish Moms and Dads for years." Basically, if your child is refusing to blow their nose, jam the $15 NoseFrida against their nostril (but not inside) and start sucking on the end to pull out all kinds of nasty nastiness. Don't worry about it getting into your mouth though, because they assure us:

WITH THE FILTER IN PLACE, THE PARENT DOES NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH THE MUCOUS FROM THE CHILD. There is no risk of bacterial contamination, in other words, you will not get the cold your child has.

Uh huh. Sorry, but I don't care how good the filter is, I don't go anywhere near sick children (or well ones, for that matter.) The last thing I'm going to do is pull their creepy-crawlies directly toward my mouth.

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