Not Even The Avengers Want Deadpool To Be An Avenger

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Yes, Deadpool is now an Avenger in Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” comic book universe. He even got an ID card signed by Barack Obama and everything. But even though he’s earned the right to be one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, not everyone on his team actually agrees with that sentiment.

Spoilers ahead for this week’s release of Uncanny Avengers #1.

Deadpool is now a starring character in Uncanny Avengers, which features the Avengers Unity team: an initiative lead by Steve Rogers to show the world that Humans, Mutants, and now Inhumans (given their current rise in profile) can work together. There’s a minor tussle between the Inhumans and one mutant in particular in Uncanny Avengers #1—Rogue is particularly peeved at the current Terrigen crisis affecting Mutants—but a lot of the strife among the team in this first issue is the fact that Deadpool, of all people, is now an Avenger.


His presence literally gets Spider-Man to go “screw this, I’m out.” During an early encounter Wade causes an android the team are chasing to keel over and die by making it absorb some of Deadpool’s cancerous skin lesions. Because that’s how Deadpool rolls, but it’s kind of crazy to see Peter Parker (whose identity is secret to his team in this new reboot) just cheese it, solely because of Deadpool just being there.


Later on, even Rogue is unsure about Deadpool being on the team—despite the fact that he’s using his newfound fame as an Avenger to actually bankroll the Uncanny Avengers:


It’s an interesting response—and not surprising that this “Unity” team already feels like it’s in danger of fracturing apart—to make Deadpool the thrust of the team drama instead of Inhuman/Mutant tension. Especially since, so far, he’s not done anything to particular earn that sort of response. He saves the day in the opening of the issue. He’s paying to keep the team together and in operation. Hell, he even acts as team pilot in the issue later on. You’d think “Deadpool the Avenger” would end in tears by the time issue one comes to a close, but for now, somehow, it’s the other people on team Uncanny that are acting like jerks, not the merc’ with a mouth.

Oh, and that ID card I mentioned? Here it is in all its glory, via Avengers #0:


If Mr. Obama’s alright with it, I guess everyone else on the Uncanny Avengers probably should be, too. Let’s hope Deadpool can keep his Avenging up for a while longer!