Notebook Cordless Mouse Roundup (Verdict: Go Logitech)

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LIVEdigitally has a nice and comprehensive roundup of three cordless notebook mice. Pitting the Logitech V500 ($70), Belkin Mini ($29) and Kensington Pocket Mouse ($50) against each other, each mouse carries its own strong points, with the Logitech V500 edging out the others just barely. The Logitech features a "4-way soild state scroll panel" in lieu of a wheel, nixing moving parts and making for a more solid device. The scroll panel impressed them considerably, working both for horizontal and vertical scrolling. Even cooler, the wireless receiver fits inside the mouse when not in use. The other mice fared well and tended to cost less, although lacking some of the pizazz of the Logitech. Read LIVEdigitally's review for the full story on all the mices.

Notebook Cordless Mouse Roundup [LIVEdigitally]
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