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Notebooks Beat Desktops for the First Time Ever

Illustration for article titled Notebooks Beat Desktops for the First Time Ever

According to the trusted researchers at iSuppli, laptop computer sales outpaced desktops for the first time last quarter. Strong netbook sales may have played a decisive role in the change.

Netbooks may have been the deciding factor in pushing notebooks over the top. "The big news from iSuppli's market share data for the third quarter was undoubtedly the performance of Taiwan's Acer," said Matthew Wilkins, principal analyst for compute platforms at iSuppli, in a statement. "Acer shipped almost 3 million more notebooks in the third quarter than it did in the preceding quarter, with the majority of those 3 million being the company's netbook products," Wilkins said.


Overall, sales jumped over 40 percent in Q3 of 2008 compared to the same period last year with totals hitting 38.6 million units. Because of the surge in netbooks, Acer is on pace to surpass Dell as the worlds #2 PC supplier behind HP. As for Apple, their laptop sales have increased 22% year over year—about 1.5x the rate of PCs. Obviously, that's good news for Apple, but they have yet to tap into the increasingly lucrative netbook market. If the trend continues, it would surely force Apple to jump into the market. [Silicon Alley Insider and CNET Image via Flickr]

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netbook is something that really really sucks. They introduse smaller tech every day but the current size is enough and there is no balance in droping weight these days because in most of th cases you lose a lot of power. Smaller isnt better. Big 4 ever!