Notes: Lisa on BoingBoing (and Other Loved Ones)

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Lisa's guest blogging for BoingBoing this week, which is a brilliant combination between one of the best Japan writers in the US, and well, BOINGBOING. I'd hire her for Gizmodo, but I'm not sure our personal relationship would last through a working relationship. Better to not push my luck by trying to fish an amazing writer out of an amazing girlfriend. Jeff Witt of Lenovo is one of my favorite PR people because he simply will not bullshit you. He's a former editor, which explains a lot. His wife, Sarah, was a journalist, too, but has been ill in the past few years with PLS, a motor neuron disease related to ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. There is no cure, so far, and she's limited to being stuck in a wheelchair although she used to be an amazing runner. Every year, Jeff holds a race to raise funds toward research. I kicked in a bit, since the race is far from where I live, and If you'd like to donate or participate, there's more info here: [MagmileRace]


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I solemnly swear to never make a single remark about the phrase "Lisa on BoingBoing". Kaiser's honor.