Nothing Says “I'm a Dork, Marry Me” Like a Giant Lego Wedding Ring

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The next time I ask for marriage—bwhahahahahaha—I won't get on my knee at Claridge's Bar in London, drunk after a lot of wine and three Margaritas, like the last time. Next time, it's giant Lego ring time.

Lego apasionado Ryan Wood proposed to his then girlfriend Katie using this giant LEGO ring. Inside the transparent brick stone, however, he placed a normal diamond ring. A pretty cool and dorky idea indeed, just how I like them. It happened in 2006, but he just posted the pics now—and being a hopeless albeit bricked romantic—I couldn't let this one pass.

I won't do it exactly like this, however. Instead of the diamond ring, inside the giant Lego ring I will put a normal Lego ring, which will cause a spacetime paradox that will destroy the Universe, saving me from the mistake.


Oh yes, I would rather have the Universe destroyed than marrying a third time, thank you very much. [Flickr via Brothers Brick]