Novoflex Adapter Brings Classic Leica M-Mount Lenses To Micro Four Thirds System

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Novoflex has answered our wishes for the Micro Four Thirds system: a €150 ($192) adapter will now mate Leica M-mount lenses—some of the best glass ever made—with cameras like the Panasonic Lumix G1.

If you may recall from our G1 review, the camera's DSLR form-factor pretty much nullified all of the potential of the Micro Four Thirds system to offer an entirely new class of compact, digital rangefinder-like cameras with interchangeable lenses. With an M-mount adapter, you can use 50 years' worth of classic lenses made by Leica, Zeiss and others with a Micro Four Thirds digital. Now if Olympus would just get around to making the rangefinder concept they teased us with back in September a reality.


And while you may be better off capturing all that beautiful Leica light on film rather than Micro Four Thirds's sub-APS-C sensor, it's always nice to have options. [Amateur Photographer via Gadget Lab Photo: Enixii (Flickr)]