Despite the government being shut down, this week brought us a bevy of new gizmos to play with. I'll leave it up to you to determine whether that's some kind of evidence that the mere existence of government hinders the rollout of electronic devices — for now, we talk about gadgets!

Kindle Paperwhite: We loved the Paperwhite in 2012, and the 2013 model gave us even more to swoon over. The screen is brighter, the lines are finer and the reactions are faster. While we're not huge fans of the "special offers" that hang on the lock screen, or the $30 upgrade that frees you from them, that's one small criticism of an otherwise lovely e-reader. [From $120]

Fitbit Force: This new fitness tracker adds an altimeter (which Fitbit's Flex was sorely lacking), pairs wirelessly with your phone, and measures your activity whether you're awake or asleep. It's pretty low-profile and kinda slick looking, in that quantified-self, I'm-wearing-technology kind of way. [$130]

Bose SoundTouch: Entering the fray of wireless speaker setups, Bose's SoundTouch hits shelves with large room, small room, and portable models. The coolest feature is the six one-touch presets, letting you go directly to a Pandora station or a playlist without navigating submenus. Whether that's enough to put SoundTouch ahead of Sonos is yet to be seen. [Starting at $400]

Moog Minifoogers: These compact analog effects pedals promise that trademark Moog sound at a reasonable price and size. With analog delay, tremolo, overdrive, ring modulator, and gain booster stomp boxes, the Minifooger lineup could help you get a little closer to the acid rock sound of your dreams. [Starting at $150]

Sonos Play:1: Funny thing, this shouldn't technically be a "Now Available" — Sonos hasn't even announced it yet. But a reader of The Verge found them on Target shelves, with a sell date of October 13th. From the FCC filing, we know these are a bookshelf speaker that will use wireless stereo pairing. If you're a big Sonos fan, maybe head down to Target on Sunday and see if they're on the shelves?