Sonos Play:1 FCC Filing Hints At Bookshelf Speaker

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Sonos is primed to expand the lineup of speakers for its wireless audio system. As usual, the company's FCC filing has surfaced in advance of the actual product launch. The forthcoming Play:1 looks like it'll be a simpler speaker than its counterparts, and that Sonos intends it to be used in a stereo pairing. Is this the Sonos bookshelf speaker?

The gadget's "Play:1" name indicates that it'll be diminutively sized compared to its standalone Play:3 and Play:5 predecessors—as does the shape of the FCC label (above) that'll be stuck to the thing when it's available. Why do we think it'll be a bookshelf or computer speaker pair and not just a tiny Jambox type product? Besides the fact that Sonos isn't likely to go too cheap with its offerings, we're looking at this information from the filing:


Stereo pair! Sonos implemented support for wireless surround sound configuration with last year's Playbar and a couple of other Sonos units. Not hard to imagine this as a logical—and affordable?—extension of the company's line. [FCC via Engadget]