Now you can learn about the fae at this slightly creepy "elf school" in Iceland

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Iceland has everything: geothermal heat, a pirate-friendly government, and . . . 13 kinds of elves. Oh, you didn't know that? That's because you've never attended Álfaskólinn, Iceland's elf school.

According to Atlas Obscura:

Located in the thoroughly modern city of Reykjavik, the school has a full curriculum of study about the 13 types of elves in Iceland. This concentration comes with a set of published textbooks with drawn depictions of these creatures for reference in the classroom, or just in case you encounter one in the wild. The school studies Iceland's other supernatural flora as well, such as fairies, trolls, dwarves and gnomes, but they mainly focus on elves, because they are the most commonly believed in and "seen".

The school also offers five hour classes for curious travelers, which includes a tour of hidden folk habitats and ends with coffee and pancakes with the school's headmaster. Students receive a diploma at the end of the class, which shows that you were sufficiently educated in the affairs of elves.


No word on whether you'll actually meet any fae during the class, but certainly you'll be more prepared for it afterwards.


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Photos by Florentino Floro