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NPR Music for iPad: Watch Live Concerts on Your iPad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you like music, you probably know the NPR is a pretty solid source for the good tunes. NPR Music has long served as a nice little app for the iPhone, but today they've expanded on the idea, making a little bit bigger and more unique.

What does it do?

It's a music app so it plays, you totally guessed it, music. Beyond the live streams from 100 public radio stations, there's also exclusive content like advanced access to albums and stuff like music news, interviews and reviews. What's particularly nice is that the app can scan your iTunes library and spit out personalized recommendations to make sure you keep on discovering stuff that vibes with your style. Other stuff like making offline playlists, combing through different genres, etc. are all here too.


Why do we like it?

Well, aside from the act that it's more ways to listen to music for fuh-fuh-fuh-free, the NPR app also lets users watch video performances and live concerts too. In fact, on March 7, NPR Music will present an exclusive in-app concert with The Shins. That's where NPR Music will succeed on the iPad, it'll be able to offer video content in a much more friendly manner because of the iPad's bigger size. Oh and the app also supports AirPlay so Apple TV users will love that.


NPR Music

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