NPR One Is an Infinite, Personalized Stream of Awesome Radio Stories

Illustration for article titled NPR One Is an Infinite, Personalized Stream of Awesome Radio Stories

There's something wonderful about listening to radio soaked in that soothing NPR gravy. The public radio powerhouse's new NPR One app keeps a personalized stream of lovely stories pumping into your ears at all times.


NPR One is a curated stream of local, and national news mixed in with other programming like segments from On the Media and Radiolab. It's like a Pandora for public radio. Just hit play and you'll hear stories. A bit like switching on the dial in your car and letting experienced producers take the reins.

The new app for iOS and Android appears to be based on NPR's Infinite Player experiment (as pointed out by Ahmed Al Omran) , which was a wonderful bookmark destination for a never-ending cascade of stories. And it's free! So if even if you're just a casual listener of public radio—or just even remotely interested—there's no reason not to give it a try. [iTunes and Google Play via NPR One]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I started listening to NPR once I started working after college. It's a great way to catch up on news and other good stories on my commute to work. Prior to that, I always thought of NPR as a boring channel that old people listen to (like my parents). I love it now. Limited commercials (although the membership drives can get annoying), and great quality content. I also like the weekend content when I'm on road trips (i.e. You Bet Your Garden and Car Talk).