NPR Pulls The Plug On Krulwich Wonders

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Krulwich Wonders, the superlative science blog maintained for the last four years by Robert Krulwich (of NPR and Radiolab fame), will soon be no more.


Above: One of Krulwich's sketches, which often accompanied his musings. This one, of a frog in pants, was drawn for a post on the frog-sex experiments of 18th Century Catholic priest and scholar Lazzaro Spallanzini. The frog's expression summarizes our feelings re: the shutdown of of Krulwich's blog.

Krulwich announced the site's imminent shuttering earlier this week:

NPR (in the form of a super-top executive) sat me down and, after four years of generously supporting this blog, told me it can't anymore. It needs to cut costs and — you know the phrase — it has chosen to go "in new directions." So at the end of this month, Krulwich Wonders will no longer appear on NPR's website.

Things change. Needs change; fashions change. You can't stand still. Not in this business, not now. I've been hanging out at NPR, full time, part time, missing, then back again, for almost 40 years. I have watched it grow from a crazy, mad notion. ("Let's make radio do serious journalism" — this said at a time when Casey Kasem's Top 40 Music Countdownwas radio's most conspicuous achievement.)

You can, and should, read the post in its entirety. The gist, though, is that Krulwich is sad to move on, but incredibly grateful to NPR for giving him room to play with ideas that excite him. As usual, he's a class act about the whole thing.

It's hard to put into words how sad this news makes me. Few people can convey the spirit of curiosity, and the joy of discovery, as genuinely as Krulwich. If you aren't familiar with his work, I urge you to do so post haste. I could give you a roundup of his greatest hits, but I'd just as soon direct you to his blog's main page and ask that you pick a post, any post. He's that good.

Krulwich will continue to co-host Radiolab for the foreseeable future, but his blog as we know it (and we certainly hope he will consider moving and/or adapting it, elsewhere) will close its doors Tuesday, September 30th.


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