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Nuance Voice Control Spied Alongside MacBook Air Refresh In Latest Apple Leak

Illustration for article titled Nuance Voice Control Spied Alongside MacBook Air Refresh In Latest Apple Leak

Long gone are the days of the airtight Apple ship. In its place, in the past and today, especially, are leaks like these: Advanced Nuance voice recognition could be included in iOS 5 after all, MacBook Airs, oh my!


The MacBook Air refresh is the simpler leaks of the two, with oft-sought out and mostly accurate Apple leaker "Chronic" making the case via Twitter (where else?) that he is "100% sure" the looming Apple retail store meetings allegedly taking place this Tuesday all but indicate new product is due on store shelves the following day. That day being Wednesday. Guess we'll soon see!

The second leak, that of the advanced voice recognition variety in iOS 5, is a bit more prickly. Basically, the Nuance Voice recognition support that was rumored to be unveiled at WWDC last week never materialized, leading many to speculate the feature had been scrapped or at the very least indefinitely delayed. Turns out the truth is it may have simply been buried in internal Apple-only builds alongside FaceTime video chat over 3G.


Even more mysteriously, this new voice recognition functionality might tap Apple's new iCloud data center in North Carolina for at least part of its still-unknown feature set.

If you want to poke around with this feature, say in a developer build, you can't, as such functions have been disabled on all builds outside of the Apple campus. Alleged screens of the blocked features are above. As always, while these leaks are fun to ponder and discuss, they are by no means anything but unconfirmed at the moment. [Chronic's Twitter, Image via Electronista]

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The most likely scenario is the feature isn't working as well as they'd like, and they're not sure it'll be ready for the iOS5 release.

Assuming the screenshots are real, it'll probably find its way into 5.1