Nudifier: Turn Any Photo Into a Hilarious Censored Nude

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The old cliche trick for getting over stage fright is to imagine the audience naked. We like to imagine everyone naked. That's what this app is for—except it censors out all the dirty bits and pieces.

What does it do?

Nudifier turns a photo of a fully clothed (or not) person (or animal) into a nude with TV-like pixel censorship around their private parts. Simply use the app's eyedropper to select the person's skin color, draw that color over their loins, and let the app turn that region into pixelation. Now share it with all your friends to the chagrin of the subject. Funny!


Why do we like it?

Because there just can't possibly be enough photo gag apps in the world. They're only improved by the illusion of nudity. Plus, we like the idea that you might use this app to blackmail one of your enemies.



Download this app for:

The Best:

Raw laughs

The Worst:

No actual nudity