NuForce Dia Makes Sure Your Wirelessly Streamed Audio Doesn't Suck

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Wirelessly streaming music around your house is great, but for audiophiles, the middling audio components in wireless devices are a drag. But if those devices output a digital signal, you can bypass those components and let a device like NuForce's Dia handle the audio processing.


Why does such a product matter? I dare you to try and find an audiophile device under $500 that combines an amplifier, digital-to-analog conversion interface and digital inputs. The Dia only costs $300. Devices like the Airport Express, Apple TV and Roku 2 all output digital audio. If your computer or TV outputs an optical signal those you could hook those up as well. But given that the amp pushes 24 watts to a pair of speakers (and a sub), the Dia is primarily geared towards playing music in a smallish room.

That said, the Dia's focused price comes at the expense of flexibility. There's no headphone output, line out, or inputs besides the Toslink and Coaxial connections. If you know exactly what you need out of your audio gear and are on a budget, the Dia may be up your alley. [NuForce]



as i was just telling someone else, the best way I have found, as an audio phile, to stream music wirelessly is to use a wireless microphone type rig.

Basically Shure sells a bodypack transmitter / receiver system, but you can buy a fairly cheap accessory to use the bodypack with a guitar. This means another 50 cent adapter and you've got a connection to a headphone output on any device, and you've got a completely wireless and mobile body pack as the transmitter. Put it anywhere. And if its going to be stationary you can get an ac/dc adapter for it so you dont have to worry about the battery, or you can use the battery if that's more convenient for you.

This method will work flawlessly, with almost 0 delay from source to speaker, and won't have any degraded signal for about a 100 yards. Literally I can take a body pack up to a football field away, and still get great signal.

And that system, which will work forever and with any source, is around the same price as this questionable piece of gear in the article. little more probably, but when it comes right down to it, my way is by far the more reliable and flexible.