Numark D2 Director: USB DJ Rig

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Back when we were young, lawns were for getting on instead of getting off, and DJs used these weird black things made of wax that spun around. Times are a-changing with the Numark D2 Director USB DJ rig.

This sucker has a USB port on the front, two on the back, and an LCD screen so you can view waveforms. Waveforms! Is this a night club or a freakin' EE class? The Director supports iPods, memory sticks, USB hard drives or USB keyboards to play music off of/interface with. There's even the capability to record songs back onto a hard drive to save for later—like for using at the damn Bar Mitzvah you're only getting paid $45 for because the kid's old man is a friend of your old man.


Product Page [Numark via Music Thing]

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