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Numark has seen DJing evolve over the years from vinyl to CD and now to digital music. They've decided it's time to take the next leap forward and have done so with the HDX. The HDX is a hybrid vinyl-based CD and MP3 turntable. Equipped with a removable 80GB hard disk and a real vinyl top for scratching, DJs can now move on to digital scratching and mixing without giving up the torque and feel of real vinyl. As a DJ myself, I know it's a pain in the ass hauling records all over the place, but do it because I still havent accepted digital DJing yet. With the Numark HDX, I might just give in and go for it. The best part is you can hook it up to a Mac or PC for ultimate control and functionality.

Introducing...the Numark HDX [SkratchWorx]